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From: Will Anderson
Subject: A College Town GloryholeIf anything like this has ever happened to you, I’d really love to hear
from your similar story. The following episode is completely factual, and
really happened to me just the way I described it about ten years ago in my
old Lolita Hentai
college town as I was passing thru one winter evening. Tell me your
story: big69will42yahoo.comThanks for reading my story, and I look forward to hearing from you out
~~~~~~~~A Memorable Gloryhole Evening in a Midwest College Town~~~~~~~~Here’s a true story about two memorable gloryhole Lolita Hentai experiences I had all in
a single evening when I lived back in the frigid midwest in the mid 90’s.
It was a long drive home and I was passing thru this major college town. I
remembered this incredibly hot book/video store a little off campus where
they’ve got very clean spacious (then)coin-op viewing booths with glory
holes between each room. They also have an “orgy” room one can rent along
with a video tape. The room has a big-screen TV, a couch and floor
cushions - should you happen to meet up with a group, girl or guy so
inclined. I wasn’t so fortunate this particular night.I was in one of the video booths jacking off to a particularly hot movie,
when I squatted down beside the round glory hole, and peeked thru it to
find another Lolita Hentai
guy masturbating next door, just like me. He had his blue
jeans and underpants at his ankles, and a beautifully proportioned
rock-hard penis sticking straight up - maybe 7 or 8″. Pretty soon he
noticed me peeking at him, but didn’t seem to mind. After awhile I slipped
my fingers thru the hole in a beckoning gesture. He immediately came over,
knelt down, and inserted his gorgeous penis thru the opening. I
immediately closed my warm mouth around his rock-hard cock jutting thru the
4″ round hole cut in the wall partition. God, he tasted great. I ran my
tongue up and down his shaft from his balls to his head, then closed my
lips around his dick and started bobbing up and down on his penis.I know when I’ve been sucked off like that, I find it really erotic to have
an anonymous pair of lips wrapped around my hard penis, bobbing up and down
as I’m plastered flat against the wall, sniffing poppers and fantasizing
about some girl or guy I’m attracted to, and envisioning his or her lips
around my dick. I expect he was probably thinking much the same as I
sucked him off. After a few minutes of sensuous cocksucking, I began to
sense his orgasm approaching. I started jacking the lower part of his
penis with my lips locked around the head. Pretty soon he tensed, I
stopped bobbing………I knew what was coming. He spurted one of the
biggest loads of fresh semen into my mouth I’ve ever felt or tasted. I
especially love it when you can actually feel the semen spurt out of a
penis onto your tongue. And he did just that….with more intensity than
I’d ever experienced before. I could tell that he was really worked up. I
knelt there for a good minute before I released his softening cock, and for
the first time. He left his still-pulsing cock hanging there for awhile,
and I watched a few more droplets of sperm seeped out of his slit opening.
I reached out and brought his penis to my lips and licked him clean. I
swallowed his cum. I had been masturbating myself throughout, but hadn’t
cum, wanting to save it something later. On other occasions, I have found
it enjoyable to masturbate a guy with lube thru a glory hole, and watch as
his cum spurts out of his slit and onto the floor, or in my hand. But a
mouthshot IS the Lolita Hentai
best!Then I decided to move on. There was another adult place about 4 blocks
away that has a sit-down movie theater downstairs and video booths
upstairs, plus a small bookstore section. Bummer that none of this stuff
was there when I was in school, or I would have been launched on my “bi”
life a good 10 years earlier. I drove over to the 2nd place, and I recall
that it was cold as hell - below zero. I remember going immediately into
one of the booths, and was very soon Lolita Hentai getting sucked off thru the glory hole
by a guy in the adjacent booth. As I was about to cum, I decided I’d much
rather get off downstairs, so I pulled back and whispered to the guy that
we adjourn to the theater downstair. He said okay. As we exited our
booths, I found myself looking at a really nice looking young blonde
college student…..maybe 18 or 19. We introduced ourselves, and said his
name was Mark. I asked if he wanted to me suck him off, but he Lolita Hentai said that
he’d already cum earlier, and wanted to take my load instead. Just what
the doctor ordered! And who was I to argue the point? The theater
downstairs was practically deserted. Thankfully, it was nice and warm. We
went to the front row right in front of the screen, where I dopped my pants
and underpants to my ankles, but then removed them completely so I could
spread wide and he could kneel in front of me. I couldn’t believe how nice
looking this young boy was, and here he was on his knees giving ME a blow
job. And he was good too! He slid his tongue up and down on my cock,
looking up into my eyes the whole time. He worked his tongue into my piss
slit to taste my precum. Then he moved down and sucked my balls, then
rimmed my spread asshole, then repeated this over and over again, until I
couldn’t hold back. I told him I was going to cum, and he pulled off
briefly saying, “Please let me taste it. I want to swallow your load”.
Just before I ejaculated, he shoved a finger up my asshole, which was to
make my orgasm even more intense. With that I felt my orgasm burst forth.
I laid my head back and humped my cock into his mouth a few times as my
semen shot out in pulsating spurts, one after the other. Then he proudly
looked up at me, stuck out his tongue to show me the complete cum
load….then he swallowed it all. God what a blow job!Couldn’t believe that a kid that young could be that good at sucking cock.
Unfortunately, he wouldn’t let me know how to reach him, and that’s the
last time I ever saw of young, gorgeous Mark. But that evening and his
face are sure as hell well etched in my memory forever
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